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The Nautilus Wallet is currently available for MacOSX, Windows and Linux.

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That enables people to transact, collaborate and exchange value without the need for intermediaries.

Key Facts 01

Innovative Seed Generation

We do things differently at Helix! Simply rotate your device in any direction - the motion sensor will generate a truly random seed. Congratulations, you have just generated your very own personal seed!

Your unique seed is secured and safely stored inthe HelixWallet.

Safe and Secure Storage of Funds

To protect your funds, the HelixWallet ensures safe seed storage with strong encryption, “paperwallet” printing, two-factor authentication and / or biometric user authentication (iOS and Android).

Easy Management of Funds

Access your account through biometric user identification (iOS and Android) to keep track of your purchases and manage funds.

Send and receive HLX coins by simply scanning the recipient‘s QR code and entering the amount you would like to transfer. Account balance and transaction history are updated automatically and showed on the home screen.

Key Facts 02

Smooth and Efficient Transactions

With the speed of transaction confirmation in the HelixTangle increasing as more and more people use it, the HelixWallet ensures quick and smooth transfers between users.

Seamless User Experience Across Multiple Platforms

The easy-to-use interface of the HelixWallet enables a seamless cross-platform integration of everyone and everything.

The HelixWallet will be available to downloadon mobile (iOS / Android) and released for Windows,Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.

Secure Two-Factor Authentication

With the data protected by Two-Factor Authentication, users can access their wallet via biometric measures being one of the factors – like Facial Recognition (Face ID) on iOS devices or via Fingerprint Recognition on Android devices.

Key Facts 03

Push the Button

It is not necessary to keep an eye on the application to carry out transfers. Simply activate Push Notifications to get notified about successful transactions.

Lost your Device? Don‘t Worry...

Print out a paper copy of your seed (private key) in form of a QR code as soon as it is generated to keep it safe. In case of an accident, funds canbe transferred from your old address to a newone for free.

Language Knows No Boundaries

English, Deutsch, русский?
Helix is a universal platform that integrates users from all over the world. You can personally customize your HelixWallet experience by choosing from multiple languages.

Security Audit

HelixWallet is still in the process of being audited by an independent 3rd party security auditor, Electi Consulting Ltd. In the pursuit of transparency, we will release the reports from Electi Consulting on HelixWallet for public review as well .

Multiple Accounts

HelixWallet gives the option to have multiple accounts. Users can name accounts according to their needs. The default name for the first account is “Main Account“. HelixWallet allows you to switch between your accounts, manage and send values from different seeds. Each account represents a different seed.

Account Password

You are always asked to enter your password to log in to your Nautilus Wallet.

Receiving Funds

To receive funds, the user first pushes the “Receive” button to generate a public address.  Once copied, the public address can be given to the sender. Make sure to always double check the address!

Sending Funds

To send funds, just enter the receiving address and the amount you want to send. Press the “Send” button to submit your order. Always double check the address!