Research and design of a new tangle architecture

The HelixTangle utilizes Directed Acyclic Graphs with novel consensus protocols.


Helix Cognitive Computing GmbH was successfully established as a legal entity in Berlin, Germany.

Generation of HLX coins

HLX coins are not mined but originated as soon as the HelixTangle was initiated.

Research & development

Building an international team, partnering with top academic institutions for research.

Whitepaper Public Release

The first version of the Helix Whitepaper was released publicly in July 2018.

Establishment non-profit foundation

Official establishment of the Helix Foundation in Germany.

HelixNetwork development

Developing a consensus mechanism for the HelixNetwork.

Alpha network

Helix releases its Network with APIs for early-friendly user testing.

University partnerships

Collaborating on various projects with USC (University of Southern California), Georgetown University of W.DC., ESMT Berlin, Frankfurt School of Finance.

Technical paper release

The peer reviewed "HelixMesh Consensus" paper was released publicly in April 2019.

Ecosystem building

Building strategic partnerships for use cases at the intersection of IoT, supply chain and healthcare.

Operational partnership

Partnership with a US tech company (Netobjex) on IoT. Their product, PiQube IoT gateway, embeds Helix into its firmware.

Wallet Launch

The HelixWallet "NAUTILUS" officially launched in 2019.

Mainnet launch

The HelixNetwork "PENDULUM" officially launched in 2019.

Operational partnership

Partnership with local IoT startup for the commercialization of Helix.

Research & development

Release of new network and core protocol features.

Listing of mHLX coins on exchange platforms

Helix currently works on listing "mHLX" coins on exchange platforms.

(Developer) Community projects with dedicated coin grants

-> supporting core protocol development
-> incentivizing community applications and use cases

Launching incentivization model for coin holders

5% of use case revenues to be reserved to buy-back mHLX at the market

Network updates

Working on core improvements and updates.

From lab to market mobilization

Internationalization & onboarding of clients. Field tests - use cases from pilot to production.

Growing the ecosystem

Onboarding more applications and use cases.

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