Development of a new Tangle architecture

The HelixTangle utilizes Directed Acyclic Graphs with novel consensus protocols.


Helix Cognitive Computing GmbH was successfully established as a legal entity in Germany.

Generation of HLX coins

HLX coins are not mined but originated as soon as the HelixTangle was initiated - a process known as Genesis.

Whitepaper Public Release

The first version of the Helix Whitepaper was released publicly in July 2018.

Growing the HelixTangle

R&D, community and ecosystem building by Helix Foundation

HelixNetwork Development

Developing consensus mechanisms for the HelixNetwork

Smart cities

Proof of Concept: Pilot Project Smart Cities

Mainnet Launch

The HelixNetwork 1.0 should be launched by the end of the summer 2019.

HelixWallet Launch

Beta version of the HelixWallet is expected to launch by the end of the year.

Listing of HLX coins on Exchange Platforms

HLX coins will be listed on exchange platforms.

HelixNetwork Major update 2.0

HelixNetwork 2.0 - Proof-of-Contribution implementation & economic model integration

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