The HelixFoundation


Making a Meaning

The HelixFoundation was established, keeping in mind the ideology of being an independent, non-commercial research and education entity. Over time, initiatives stimulated and supported by the HelixFoundation would encourage participants to make Helix a pivotal network to build decentralized applications and boost machine economy. By doing so, it will educate future generations to eradicate digital illiteracy in underprivileged areas and contribute to basic science and research. HelixFoundation, the non-profit arm of Helix Cognitive Computing GmbH, is driven by a desire to broadly share knowledge on innovative solutions in Computer Science, in addition to pursuing technological progress in terms of decentralization of processes and distribution of valid information. Motivated by this commitment, Helix will provide core technology products to individuals, institutions, companies, and developers for free.The mission of the Foundation is to support emerging technologies associated with Computer and Cognitive Sciences. The focus will be on AI (Artificial Intelligence), Cognitive Sciences, Neurosciences and synthetic biologic or organic computing (wetware). The objective of the Foundation will be accomplished by establishing the provisioning, maintenance, and accessibility of the HelixNetwork in the field of Distributed Ledger Technologies.


The non-profit entity of Helix based in Berlin, Germany and born to promote the advancement of science and research, especially in the field of computer science and cognitive science as well as the advancement of education, especially in the field of digitization and application of modern software. The Foundation pursues these purposes primarily by further developing and providing access to open source Distributed Ledger Technologies such as Helix.

The non-profit status of the Helix Foundation was recognized and certified by the competent Berlin Tax Office in July 2018.

Additionally, the Foundation will mentor and award young scientists and PhD students with research contracts and financial support. As such, it will act as a charitable organization in compliance with European Law.