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HelixNetwork Features.

Highest standards in cryptography. The HelixNetwork relies on an efficient and cryptographically secure hashing function, SHA-3 and Winternitz Signatures. Compatible with any BFT consensus algorithm.
In a traditional Blockchain, scalability is affected as more and more people perform transactions within that specific Blockchain. However, the HelixTangle is not modeled as a Blockchain but rather as a DAG and is not affected by Blockchain’s scalability issues.
By ensuring interoperability between Helix and Ethereum, users can benefit from a different financial ecosystem accelerating liquidity but also enabling services like lending and smart contracts.
HelixMesh main advantage is a high degree of flexibility: the protocol can be deployed in both permissionless and permissioned environments. Furthermore, the liveness vs safety tradeoffs may be adjusted based on the particular use-case requirements.
Proof of Contribution.
Our PoC abstraction can support both Proof-Of-Work and Proof-Of-Stake implementations and allows one to potentially take the best of both worlds.
With a clear focus on IoT, Helix introduces a different trust and network model: fullnodes as edge servers – „Integrators“. Connect to an Integrator or become one yourself and experience new business opportunities within the HelixNetwork. Build up your own Market, integrate data and aggregate it to optimize it for trading.
Helix introduces an incentivization model for participants. Good actors will be incentivized with HLX based on their activity and reputation within the network. Bad actors will be disincentivized.
Open Source.
Helix’ non-profit arm, the HelixFoundation, fully endorses and adheres to an Open Source development policy.

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